Here’s to 2012!

I have neglected this blog long enough! Hello again, world. 2011 was a great year, but I’m already looking ahead to what promises to be the best one yet! I’m ready to make some goals and document them here, with the hopes of coming back to this in December and seeing them all crossed off. So! Here we go!

  1. Start blogging regularly.
    That may mean once a week to start– but once a week is better than four times a year! I’m not sure what direction to take it yet… design, sewing, crafting, inspiration, slice of life, all of the above… I’ll just start with writing anything I can think of, and see where it takes me.
  2. Revamp my website.
    I have a lot of new work that is ready to showcase, including some print design. I also feel like my site is outdated and doesn’t reflect my style anymore, so I’m ready to make some major design changes.
  3. Get secret website (Project LWL), launched before the spring.
  4. Sew at least 12 new garments.
  5. Do something creative (preferable not related to my day job) every day.
  6. Start a new small craft-related business.
  7. Run a 5k.
  8. Have an awesome wedding- June 2nd! :)
I suppose I will add more if I think of them, but this is enough to start…┬áReadysetGO!
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Digital Drawing: Jeff and Abby

I have been working on a wedding website for my best friend Abby and her fiance Jeff. As a special request, Abby asked that I create a custom digital portrait for them. You can see some of the earlier, more illustrative sketches on my previous post. Even though the site is still not quite finished yet, I thought I would share the final art for the portrait :) Enjoy!

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Hourly Comic: Official Hourly Comic Day!

Today was the official hourly comic day!
If you want to see my art out in the wild on the hourly comic forums… here’s the link.
BUT… you can also just see it here :)

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Hourly Comic: Practice Round One!

I’m going to participate in Hourly Comic Day this year. On February 1st, anyone who wants to join in simple draws a comic for every hour they are awake chronicling something they did during that hour. Because I’m so out of drawing practice, I thought I would do a “trial run” hourly comic yesterday (Sunday). I have to warn you that my Sunday was a particularly unexciting one…. but here it is anyway! A little peek into the daily life of Stephanie (and sometimes Alex).

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Drawing: Looking Up

Another doodle from the other day, quickly colored in photoshop.

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Drawing: Brown Haired Girl

Just a little doodle and quick color job. I’m still alive, I swear. :)

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Cross-Stitch: Eddie the Dog

Now that Christmas is over I can post my latest craft project. I made this little cross-stitch of my boyfriend’s family dog as a gift to his mother :) It took about two nights of stitching to complete… and the final product is about 5 inches across.

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Illustration Friday: Undone

My first Illustration Friday drawing!
I hope to do these every week from now on out… it’s a good excuse to practice drawing. :)

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Digital Sketch: Electric Mornings

Mornings in the Clark/Zuroff household are pretty shocking. Does anyone else have this problem in the winter? Static in the blanket, static in the hair, electrified cats? I swear I can’t move five feet without getting shocked at least ten times.

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Wedding Preparations

I am working on a wedding website that involves some custom illustration work. This website is particularly important to me for three reasons:
1) The website is my wedding gift to the bride and groom (along with matching invitations and possibly save the date cards).
2) I have known the groom since I was in… middle school? Elementary school? It’s been so long I can’t even remember when we met! In addition, the bride is my very best friend and former college roommate.
3) I am the maid of honor!
The bride requested an artistic digital portrait of them for the banner. This has turned out to be a lot more challenging that I anticipated! Drawing someone I know so well is tricky, and getting the style on par with the rest of the design is time consuming. The final version of the drawing isn’t quite finished yet… but In the meantime, I thought I would share some of my early concept/practice doodles!

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